Four Tips to Stay Safe at the Bar

Going to the bar should be a fun time. However, many people leave their common sense at home when they go out to a bar. A bar is a great spot to meet new people and relax, but there are many risks that can be at the bar, which apply to both men and women. Here are four important safety tips for having a fun night at the bar.

1. Know the Bar That You Are Going to and Check out Its Reputation

The best thing that you can do before heading out to the bar is to find out what one you are going to, so you can look it up online. Online reviews can help you find out what the bar is like and if it is a good fit for you. There is a variety of different types and styles of bars now, so you do not need to go to the same one all the time.

2. Know How Much You Can Drink and What You Are Drinking

If you are going to be drinking, you should know how much you can drink and what drinks that you can handle. You should not mix new drinks with ones that you are used to drinking because it can have unknown effects. The best option is to stick with drinks that you know and have a good idea of how many drinks you are going to have. Once you reach your limit, switch to a non-alcoholic drink and do not accept any more alcohol.

Drinking too much can result in alcohol poisoning which is life threatening. Making sure you have access to a hospital with doctors trained in ACLS online recertification is important when deciding which bars to pass your time. United Medical Education has made it clear that drinking responsibly is an important part to your weekend fun.

3. Be Wary of Strangers

Most people have been taught about ‘stranger danger’ their whole life and the bar is one of the areas that you should be following this rule. Many times, bar-fights and other forms of aggression happen between people who do not know each other at all or very well. This unfamiliarity can cause even people who are not normally aggressive to become aggressive. When paired with alcohol, this causes a huge amount of fights and other behaviors that are frowned on. Most bartenders try to avoid bar fights, so they will cut someone off if they think that they are too drunk. People need to earn your trust. Just like in the real estate business, if you want good people to come to your showings you need to make sure you’re marketing in the right places.

4. Use Body Language

Body language is the first thing that people notice about you. You can disinterest aggressors with body language, more than with words. The best place to sit to avoid people who are aggressive is in the middle of the bar. Being off to the side makes you and your group look like that you are hiding. You should also think about the way that you are sitting. Relaxing back in a chair invites people in, which is not what you want to do in a packed bar.

A bar should be a fun place to meet up with your friends and enjoy a few drinks. However, there are a lot of people who forget common sense or drink to the point of not remembering what they have done. This is why most bars have banned lists and security teams. So, if you are not comfortable at a bar, you should speak with the staff about what is going on or leave before trouble starts.

Bars – Why Do We Like Hanging in Them?

Bars are becoming more widespread than ever. They are a place where you can go socialize, meet new people, see an old friend by chance or talk with the regulars. Or why not meet your future wife? I personally, know tons of couples who have met that way.

The Different Types of Bars and Their Evolution

There are countless of different types of bars. In their struggle to stand out, the managers of these places have thrown great effort to bring a unique vision and atmosphere to their businesses. Nowadays, bars have merged with restaurants, clubs, and cafes and the difference are almost indistinguishable. There are bars that are opened 24h a day and serve food, brunches, and whatnot during the daytime.

When the night comes, they come turn into the hottest place in town with live music and mostly alcoholic drinks. Most owners would prefer this option as the bar generates income throughout the day from tourists, workers on lunch breaks or just people who want to eat out. If you are the lucky owner of a bar in your city center, then with some proper marketing and management, you can manage to keep your place full all day, serving different types of drinks/food depending on the daytime. There are sushi bars, tea bars, and more conventional bars; the number of variety is enormous.

If you plan on attending a bar that has a restaurant area that allows children you’ll want one that has been inspected by a healthcare professional with PALS recertification online. This will assure it is a safe environment for people under the age of 18. This is an important thing to inquire because many bar owners don’t take this step seriously.

What Makes a Bar, Bar?

Usually, when you hear bar, a picture of a shady, smoky place with pool tables may appear in your head. It has been the cliché in movies for decades and decades and is undoubtedly one of the most common types. A place can be called a bar if it has this narrow table or a ‘bar’ that separates you and the bartender. Usually, there are these chairs with long legs on which you sit and get comfortable in the bar while chatting with the bartender.

If the place is crowded, however, you have to be real lucky to get to that spot. So with that in mind, almost every place that has the barplot is a bar, regardless of what it serves or what the rest of the interior looks like. It can serve mainly café and some sandwiches – then it’s a brunch bar. It can serve sushi while you look at the chef behind the counter who prepares it – then it’s a sushi bar. Or it can simply have loud music and flashy lights – then it’s your regular night bar.

Space Matters

Most bars are not that spacious and if you are going out primarily to listen to some good music on proper speakers then maybe a club are more suitable for you. Most clubs have bar-plots as well, but the difference is that their interior is built for live events – be it a concert band or a DJ set. Clubs usually have more open space without chairs and tables where the crowd can dance till the early morning. They are mainly focused on the music while bars are focused on the social aspect of going out. There is a place for everyone in this world.

Welcome to the “Old Oak House” Bar

If you are searching for a cozy little place where you can have fun with your friends, the Old Oak House bar is definitely a great option for you. In an idyllic setting, you are able to relax and enjoy quality time with those you feel close to you. Wonderful standards in service, friendly atmosphere, soft music that covers all tastes and a wide selection of drinks and snacks to help you choose from!

Laid-Back Atmosphere

The Old Oak House bar is one of the most beautiful places you could ever visit. From the distinctive décor to the interior design, the furnishing and every little detail, the place has been carefully created to promote laid-back moments to customers. The friendly nature of the staff and owners is reflected on the style and elegance of the bar, completing a great place where everyone feels at home!

Serving Top Quality Drinks

You cannot expect to get the optimal user experience without the finest quality standards in the drinks you enjoy. This is another thing that makes the Old Oak House bar stand out amongst the rest. Everything you order to drink has been handpicked so that the quality is guaranteed. Upon sipping on the bourbon or the chilled beer that you have ordered for the first time, you realize that the quality is top notch!

Best Value for Money

There is no reason for you to worry that you will spend a small fortune, every time you go out to have some fun! At the Old Oak House bar, you get the chance to spend your time in a splendid place and still remain within your budget. Always with respect to the demands of the customers and their optimal experience, all prices are relatively low and allow you to enjoy without limits! What is more, you can benefit from discounts and happy hour for an even more affordable way to enjoy your drinks!

Top Location & Pristine Service

Ideally located, the Old Oak House bar welcomes customers to an unforgettable winning experience. There is free parking space for everyone to drive to the bar (although drinking and driving is not encouraged by any means!). A team of professionals will go above and beyond towards ensuring that all customers are having a great time and always get what they are entitled to.

The top locations can be determined by those who have been approved by a health inspector with their ACLS certification online. The locations that perform the best for cleanliness and safety generally have doctors or nurses make sure their location meets top standards in the industry.

Just the Place to Be

Combining smooth accessibility and a great setting, along with affordable price rates and a plethora of drinking options to select from, the Old Oak House bar is definitely one of the best places for customers to enjoy high-quality drinks. Do not miss out on the opportunity to visit such a place, so as to enjoy great moments with your friends and let go of your worries, after a stressed day!

What Contributes to a Great Bar?

A great bar is a combination of various small things. When one decides to go to a bar, they just want somewhere they can relax in a great atmosphere and friendly staff. It’s the combination of a good atmosphere, a wide selection of drinks, bar snacks, decor and service that matters. It is not the size of the bar, music system or the drinks available that are important, but also the ambience. These are some of the things that define a good bar. 

Great Atmosphere

You may have a well-equipped bar and great staff, but if the atmosphere does not measure up to the standards, this is not a great bar. Achieving a great atmosphere is not easy, and bar owners can attest to this. Lighting, music, crowd and fruit flies all contribute to the atmosphere of a bar. The bar should not be too crowded and should not be too deserted, the mood should match the music, and the lighting should be lively not too bright.

The Bar Should Be Well Stocked

It might not be a large cocktail bar, but it should be well equipped. This means that it have enough drinks if it is not possible to stock every other type of drink. What you are selling should be in plenty including varieties of wines, beers, cocktails, and spirits as well as temperance drinks

Comfortable Seats and Counter Space

There are many people who like to take their drinks from a counter while watching football.  Ensure your bar has plenty of counter space. The stools, chairs, and seats should all be comfortable and not too low. Every part of the body especially the back and the feet should be well positioned.

Clean Washrooms with Proper Signage

The washrooms in a good bar should not only be clean throughout but should also have proper signage. This will prevent the embarrassment that could result from men going to ladies and vice versa. They should also be equipped with toiletries.

Reliable Bar Equipment Supplier 

One of the most important things to have in a bar is quality glasses. You should have quality glasses that are enough no matter the crowd. Remember some will break along the way, and this does not mean that you run out of glasses whenever the weekend goes by. To ensure that you are always ready, have a reliable bar equipment supplier for cork screws and glasses among other equipment that you may need. Your supplier should be well stocked. 

No matter where a hotel is located, guests are always looking for a good bar. A hotel may lack luxurious amenities such as swimming pools; it may be small in size or is located in a remote area. Most guests will spend time in a bar to relax, chat with other guests or simply have their favorite drink. The atmosphere, the decor, drinks selection and staff should make the guests as comfortable as they expect. There plenty of things that make a god bar.


Keeping Yourself Safe When Going to A Bar

A bar can be a perfect place to meet new people and have fun; however, it can also be a place filled with risks such as unwarranted sexual aggression.   Based on a research, 90% of the sexual advancement that happened in a bar involved a female target, and about 50% of the women have encountered a sexual aggression when they are in a bar.  Incidents like this are getting more usual, you will need to be alert in order to keep yourself safe from these unwarranted actions.  Here are some ways on how to be safe while having a good time.

Be Careful When Interacting with a Stranger

When you were just a kid, your parents have warned you time and again to avoid talking to a stranger, and this can also be applied on an environment that is sexually-charged such as a bar. Sexual advancements that happened in the bars normally involve people who are not acquainted with each other.  This level of unfamiliarity is a right ingredient for aggression which will result to 2 possible scenarios; either the perpetrator will shame and dehumanize the woman, or the target will think that they will not suffer for the actions that they will take.

Drink Minimally

Perhaps you will not be surprised that the initiators are mostly choosing their targets based on the alcohols consumed.  Intoxicated women are considered vulnerable and an easy target since they no longer have the will to resist.  There is also a research that proves that women who are intoxicated are more available sexually compared to women who are not.

Check the Reputation of the Bar

If you want to continue your drinking while preventing the possibility of a sexual aggression, the first thing you will need to consider would be the reputation of the bar.  Think about the surrounding neighborhood of the bar.  In case you still encountered a sexual advancement while in this reputable bar, then do not hesitate to seek the help of the restaurant manager or the bartender.  There are also other places where you can drink that are not as sexually-charged as the bar.

Be Confident When Speaking up

The aggressors will need to receive the message that they will suffer a huge consequence when they continue to exhibit their unwanted behavior.  Most of the time, these initiators are hoping to impress their circle of friends by treating their action as a form of amusement.  This sexual advancement can be greatly minimized if you speak firmly and clearly that their actions are unnecessary.

Using Body Language

Body language can be used effectively to send the message that you are not interested with their aggressive behavior.  First, when sitting at the bar, take the stool that is in the middle, women who sit at the edge are often viewed as a target.  You should keep your head focused on the side of your friend and use your other hand to block your face that is exposed to those initiators.

By following the tips that we provided above, you will be able to keep yourself safe while having a night filled with fun with your friends.