Bars – Why Do We Like Hanging in Them?

Bars are becoming more widespread than ever. They are a place where you can go socialize, meet new people, see an old friend by chance or talk with the regulars. Or why not meet your future wife? I personally, know tons of couples who have met that way.

The Different Types of Bars and Their Evolution

There are countless of different types of bars. In their struggle to stand out, the managers of these places have thrown great effort to bring a unique vision and atmosphere to their businesses. Nowadays, bars have merged with restaurants, clubs, and cafes and the difference are almost indistinguishable. There are bars that are opened 24h a day and serve food, brunches, and whatnot during the daytime.

When the night comes, they come turn into the hottest place in town with live music and mostly alcoholic drinks. Most owners would prefer this option as the bar generates income throughout the day from tourists, workers on lunch breaks or just people who want to eat out. If you are the lucky owner of a bar in your city center, then with some proper marketing and management, you can manage to keep your place full all day, serving different types of drinks/food depending on the daytime. There are sushi bars, tea bars, and more conventional bars; the number of variety is enormous. It used to be that real estate buyers would invest heavily in bars and not much has changed today. Many of the companies selling homes have also invested in commercial properties.

What Makes a Bar, Bar?

Usually, when you hear bar, a picture of a shady, smoky place with pool tables may appear in your head. It has been the cliché in movies for decades and decades and is undoubtedly one of the most common types. A place can be called a bar if it has this narrow table or a ‘bar’ that separates you and the bartender. Usually, there are these chairs with long legs on which you sit and get comfortable in the bar while chatting with the bartender.

If the place is crowded, however, you have to be real lucky to get to that spot. So with that in mind, almost every place that has the barplot is a bar, regardless of what it serves or what the rest of the interior looks like. It can serve mainly café and some sandwiches – then it’s a brunch bar. It can serve sushi while you look at the chef behind the counter who prepares it – then it’s a sushi bar. Or it can simply have loud music and flashy lights – then it’s your regular night bar.

Space Matters

Most bars are not that spacious and if you are going out primarily to listen to some good music on proper speakers then maybe a club are more suitable for you. Most clubs have bar-plots as well, but the difference is that their interior is built for live events – be it a concert band or a DJ set. Clubs usually have more open space without chairs and tables where the crowd can dance till the early morning. They are mainly focused on the music while bars are focused on the social aspect of going out. There is a place for everyone in this world.

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