Keeping Yourself Safe When Going to A Bar

A bar can be a perfect place to meet new people and have fun; however, it can also be a place filled with risks such as unwarranted sexual aggression.   Based on a research, 90% of the sexual advancement that happened in a bar involved a female target, and about 50% of the women have encountered a sexual aggression when they are in a bar.  Incidents like this are getting more usual, you will need to be alert in order to keep yourself safe from these unwarranted actions.  Here are some ways on how to be safe while having a good time.

Be Careful When Interacting with a Stranger

When you were just a kid, your parents have warned you time and again to avoid talking to a stranger, and this can also be applied on an environment that is sexually-charged such as a bar. Sexual advancements that happened in the bars normally involve people who are not acquainted with each other.  This level of unfamiliarity is a right ingredient for aggression which will result to 2 possible scenarios; either the perpetrator will shame and dehumanize the woman, or the target will think that they will not suffer for the actions that they will take.

Drink Minimally

Perhaps you will not be surprised that the initiators are mostly choosing their targets based on the alcohols consumed.  Intoxicated women are considered vulnerable and an easy target since they no longer have the will to resist.  There is also a research that proves that women who are intoxicated are more available sexually compared to women who are not.

Check the Reputation of the Bar

If you want to continue your drinking while preventing the possibility of a sexual aggression, the first thing you will need to consider would be the reputation of the bar.  Think about the surrounding neighborhood of the bar.  In case you still encountered a sexual advancement while in this reputable bar, then do not hesitate to seek the help of the restaurant manager or the bartender.  There are also other places where you can drink that are not as sexually-charged as the bar.

Be Confident When Speaking up

The aggressors will need to receive the message that they will suffer a huge consequence when they continue to exhibit their unwanted behavior.  Most of the time, these initiators are hoping to impress their circle of friends by treating their action as a form of amusement.  This sexual advancement can be greatly minimized if you speak firmly and clearly that their actions are unnecessary.

Using Body Language

Body language can be used effectively to send the message that you are not interested with their aggressive behavior.  First, when sitting at the bar, take the stool that is in the middle, women who sit at the edge are often viewed as a target.  You should keep your head focused on the side of your friend and use your other hand to block your face that is exposed to those initiators.

By following the tips that we provided above, you will be able to keep yourself safe while having a night filled with fun with your friends.

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