What Contributes to a Great Bar?

A great bar is a combination of various small things. When one decides to go to a bar, they just want somewhere they can relax in a great atmosphere and friendly staff. It’s the combination of a good atmosphere, a wide selection of drinks, bar snacks, decor and service that matters. It is not the size of the bar, music system or the drinks available that are important, but also the ambience. These are some of the things that define a good bar. 

Great Atmosphere

You may have a well-equipped bar and great staff, but if the atmosphere does not measure up to the standards, this is not a great bar. Achieving a great atmosphere is not easy, and bar owners can attest to this. Lighting, music, crowd and fruit flies all contribute to the atmosphere of a bar. The bar should not be too crowded and should not be too deserted, the mood should match the music, and the lighting should be lively not too bright.

The Bar Should Be Well Stocked

It might not be a large cocktail bar, but it should be well equipped. This means that it have enough drinks if it is not possible to stock every other type of drink. What you are selling should be in plenty including varieties of wines, beers, cocktails, and spirits as well as temperance drinks

Comfortable Seats and Counter Space

There are many people who like to take their drinks from a counter while watching football.  Ensure your bar has plenty of counter space. The stools, chairs, and seats should all be comfortable and not too low. Every part of the body especially the back and the feet should be well positioned.

Clean Washrooms with Proper Signage

The washrooms in a good bar should not only be clean throughout but should also have proper signage. This will prevent the embarrassment that could result from men going to ladies and vice versa. They should also be equipped with toiletries.

Reliable Bar Equipment Supplier 

One of the most important things to have in a bar is quality glasses. You should have quality glasses that are enough no matter the crowd. Remember some will break along the way, and this does not mean that you run out of glasses whenever the weekend goes by. To ensure that you are always ready, have a reliable bar equipment supplier for cork screws and glasses among other equipment that you may need. Your supplier should be well stocked. 

No matter where a hotel is located, guests are always looking for a good bar. A hotel may lack luxurious amenities such as swimming pools; it may be small in size or is located in a remote area. Most guests will spend time in a bar to relax, chat with other guests or simply have their favorite drink. The atmosphere, the decor, drinks selection and staff should make the guests as comfortable as they expect. There plenty of things that make a god bar.


Posted by: Viki R. Sayer on Category: Bars